The best way to ask any question (about the membership site, about log ins, about training hours, about technology) is the M.A.F.I.A. ACADEMY Facebook group using the hashtag #question.

We often get asked the same questions by different people, and have found that by asking questions in the group, you will help other people who may be feeling the same way you are!  If your question is not answered by the group, the FM Team will be happy to help!

If you have anything urgent or super personal things to share or ask, please email or fill in the contact form to the right.

Please keep in mind that my team works standard Australian office hours and not on weekends and public holidays.

Australian Team

Francesca Moi


Jamie McVeigh

General Manager

Zoë Taylor

Marketing & Customer Service

Fernanda Lacerda


Ollie Moi


Phillipines Team

Tina Chua

Marketing Virtual Assistant

Bebsie Orbe

Virtual Assistant Supervisor

Katrina Fodor

Admin Virtual Assistant

Reilene Cortez

Virtual Assistant Trainer